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Minecraft Mod Commissions

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Hello, I’m Sebastian (SebaSphere) and I’m open for Minecraft Mod Commissions, mostly using Minecraft Fabric with some skill in Forge.

I’ve worked on several mods, encompassing a diverse range of projects. Some examples include a Fabric ICBM mod, Galacticraft (a highly-rated Minecraft space mod), and various Spigot plugins. Currently, mod development is my fulltime job.

In the past, I worked at Shockbyte as a support agent, which provided valuable experience assisting individuals like yourself daily. This experience was valuable in helping me understand what your needs to deliver are.

Galacticraft Mod

Immensely popular space mod for Minecraft that I am contributing towards the opensource Fabric rewrite.

Some things in this Fabric mod I’ve contributed to include new moon world generation, new mobs, and fixing various bugs that may show up.

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SyncRevival Mod

An serverside Forge 1.12.2 addon for the Sync mod which allows the revival of players in spectator to the nearest constructor.

This mod allows you to throw a golden apple while a person in spectator is near a shell and they would immediately be revived inside the shell.

Pop It Mod

A Minecraft mod commission for the popular YouTuber TazerCraft with 15 million+ subscribers.

Fabric mod where each right-click on the sphere for the pop-it block drops a specific loot table or fires an action such as spawning a wither or structure.

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Shockbyte Event Servers

Server Admin and spigot developer to internal plugins for Shockbyte’s past Easter, Summer, and Winter Event servers.

Some but not all examples include:
– New additions to the Volleyball plugin (added the ability for commands on goal hit)
– A custom plugin to reward currency when an individual says “hello” or a defined array of strings within a window of the player joining the server for the first time.

Fabric Entity code generator

Open-source tool used by dozens of developers for their mods I’ve updated to the latest version of Minecraft as the way entities were modeled and rendered was refactored.

No one had updated this tool relied on by developers to automatically generate Blockbench models into code in over a year since it was introduced, which hindered mod productivity.

You can find my code on GitHub.



Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total agreed-upon price is required before progress on the commission will commence. The remaining 50% will be due within a week of finishing the mod.

Refund Policy: If, for any reason, the developer is unable to complete the commissioned mod, a full refund of any payments made will be provided.

Additional Features: Any new content or functionalities not outlined in the initial commission agreement may incur separate charges. The client will be informed of any new costs before work on this begins.

Bug-Free Guarantee: While I make every effort to eliminate bugs, it’s important to acknowledge that achieving a completely bug-free mod may not be possible due to the complexity of game development and unforeseen interactions

I will fix any bug interacting with the game or intended compatibilities for free within 15 days of receiving the mod. After this period, requests may be completed at will.

Deadline policy: Every effort is made to deliver the mod by a reasonable time, however, I can’t 100% guarantee completion by the deadline as development time cycles can be unpredictable dependent on complexity of the work. However, I can promise to provide consistent progress updates as the mod is being developed.

Publishing: Upon completion and full payment of the commission, the right to publish to sites such as CurseForge or Modrinth belongs to the client granted a 50% ad revenue split unless stated otherwise.

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